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How Your Emotions are Hidden in Physical Pain and Dis-ease

We all have emotions that get trapped in our bodies for a variety of reasons. This can present itself as physical pain and dis-ease. Read my piece featured on The Relationship Blogger: 

You’ve had a stressful day at work. You come home feeling tense in the shoulders. Your muscles have tightened up and you end up with what is called a tension headache. This is pretty common, we don’t think much about it. You have stress, resulting in tension, creating a physical reaction to the mental or emotional stress you have undergone.

Going Within

Have you ever been told not to worry too much, you might get an ulcer? People who have chronic anxiety can sometimes worry themselves over such a long period of time, they end up with a stomach ulcer. As with a stress headache, a mental or emotional problem causes a physical response in the body. This is real, folks. Mental, emotional and even spiritual issues we have over the long term, can result in physical reactions and dis-ease in the body.

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