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Holistic healing encompasses addressing the mind, body, and spirit.  April has a holistic toolbox that she pulls from when working with you.

April is a CTN, trained in Traditional Naturopathic Medicine. It's the use of natural holistic medicine. She looks at your history, foundations, physical observations, pH-balancing, uses homeopathy, herbs, Bach Flowers, essential oils, energy balancing, etc. She will work in addition to your Primary Care Physician and look for the root cause.

Nutrition is mentioned first because it is foundational. Diet has a profound effect on behavior, the immune system, the nervous system, inflammation, and mental health. 

Another tool is energy medicine and vibrational medicine (Bioenergetics). It’s a holistic practice (mind, body, spirit) that activates the body’s subtle energy system to remove blocks allowing for the body’s inherent ability to self-heal. It complements traditional medical care and can also be a complete system for self-care and healing.

Essential oils are also used to address physical, environmental and emotional issues.

The mind/body aspect is also taken into account. There are all kinds of research being done on the power, not only of negative emotions, but also positive emotions to affect your physical well-being, your long-term health, and your longevity. 

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