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"April knows a lot about the sourcing and creation of essential oils as well as how to effectively use oils for daily and long term physical and emotional health needs. With her help, I reestablished an allergy-safe collection of oils to use for therapeutic purposes in my home".
- Shawna A.

"April is an amazing doTERRA Wellness Advocate and a natural healer. She is very patient and nurturing. Very knowledgeable about the oils and their secrets as well as nutrition and its effect on our bodies".
-S. Kama

About Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used in various cultures for thousands of years. They are much more than a pleasant aroma.  


In terms of science and the chemistry of essential oils, one essential oil contains hundreds of chemical constituents that contain distinctive qualities and healing properties. They work beautifully with assisting the body in healing. 


Different than synthetic, man-made pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medicine, which can be hard for your body to break down and metabolize. Your body knows what to do with essential oils. They are a lipid and can pass through the cell walls (membranes) and get inside cells making them very effective. Some essential oils can even pass through the blood-brain barrier which allows assistance in addressing issues with the brain, mood and behavior. 

Scientific research in the field of essential oils is ever-growing and they are being recognized as a powerful promotor of physical, mental and emotional health. 


There are many essential oils on the market today. April has found the most success with doTERRA essential oils. They are considered therapeutic-grade quality and are an important part of her tool kit for holistic health and wellness.

April is an advocate and e
ducator of essential oils. She holds workshops to educate families on how to use essential oils to improve their family's wellness in a natural, less toxic way.  She will also help you get your own essential oils.

Click here to contact April and schedule a consultation or session today


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