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Bio-Impedance Sessions

Why would you want a Bio-Impedance Session? If you don’t want to mess around and have an acute issue you want to take care of now, a session will help you identify essential oils and supplements that will support your body.

During a Bio-Impedance Session, the device used for a Bio-Impedance Scan sends electrical frequencies to your body.  The essential oils and supplements you are being scanned for have frequencies in them.  This process is called Bio-Impedance.

iTOVi Bio-Impedance Scanner

Bio-Impedance is used in everything from fitness trackers to medical devices and is widely researched and proven.

Data is collected from your responses through a variety of complex equations and algorithms.  The device used measures Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). GSR is an established technology that measures fluctuation in the electrical conductivity of the skin.

When the scan is complete, you will be provided with a simple personalized report of suggested products to begin taking or keep taking, and a discussion about your personalized report.

The products suggested are prioritized, according to one’s responses (or reactions) to the frequencies. The report is categorized by Physical, Environmental and Emotional Categories and is used to assist individuals as they choose options to maintain health & wellness.  Suggestions are indicated in the order of importance to help bring the body into better balance.

* Disclaimer: The Bio-Impedance report and device is not a Medical Device.  It does not identify, diagnose or indicate how to treat any disease or medical condition.

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