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Focus, Concentration, Learning Differences - The Sound Device

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Focus, concentration, and learning differences can be tricky. I was fortunate enough to meet a woman who has helped my entire family with focus and learning differences using something called a Sound Device. I'm sharing her product in hope of helping others who may need some assistance in this area.

"The Sound Device improves the ability to focus. As a full-time classroom teacher, I noticed when my students would space out. I figured out ways in the traditional classroom to hold their attention. However, there was no one to do the same for them when they were doing homework, or they were outside of my classroom. That is how the idea for the Sound Device began. It literally is a sound that is bringing your attention back to the now. Just like I did by tapping my students on the shoulder. Parents have seen such a big difference in their children, that they are wearing them as well during times when they want improved focus."

Shop for the Sound Device using the codeApril 30”:

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