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What to Expect in a Naturopathic Consultation

If you’ve heard the term, Naturopath, but don’t know what that means, I’d like to fill you in. 

An Introduction to Naturopathy

At its core, Naturopathy emphasizes the body’s innate ability to heal itself. It’s a holistic approach that blends natural medicine, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, with modern scientific understanding. The goal of naturopathy is to address the root underlying causes of illness, promoting true health.

What to Expect in a Consultation A Naturopathic consultation is an in-depth appointment that is highly personalized. During the consultation, you will be asked about your health concerns, medical history, symptoms, food choices, and lifestyle. A comprehensive assessment allows the Naturopath to pinpoint potential causes of your health concerns.

Wellness and Naturopathy Naturopathy is focused on wellness. Naturopaths focus on educating their clients to promote health and wellness. That might include helping clients make healthier lifestyle choices, such as healthier food choices personalized just for them.  How they might increase or adjust exercise routines, get outside more, reduce stress, and introduce new techniques to use. 

Why Choose a Naturopath?

Choosing a Naturopath can be a rewarding decision. Your care is personalized, and treated holistically, meaning physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects are addressed. I truly believe you cannot fully heal unless you address them all. A Naturopath can suggest lifestyle modifications to improve health and support you with supplementation, herbal options, food choices, and energy medicine.

The Role of Supplementation

Whether it be herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, homeopathy, Bach Flowers, essential oils, etc, the goal is to support the body’s healing process. Remedies can range in support of digestive health to hormonal support, to detoxing, and well beyond.

What to Expect in Your Initial Consult

During your initial consult, allow 60-90 minutes while the Naturopath takes time to walk through your medical background, health concerns, lifestyle and food choices, medications, and supplements you are taking. They will use various diagnostic tools and screening tests to assess your health. This comprehensive approach will help the Naturopath best understand how to provide a plan for your care.

Naturopathic Recommendations

After your initial consultation, you will receive recommendations tailored to your health concerns. This plan may include lifestyle and food choice modifications, supplements, natural therapies, and other beneficial modalities, etc. 

What Ways Can I Connect with a Naturopath?

You can consult with me in the office or via Zoom. Whatever you are most comfortable with. 

Do Naturopaths Diagnose Medical Conditions?

Naturopaths are not qualified to diagnose medical conditions in the same way a medical doctor can. However, they are trained to recognize signs and symptoms that may indicate an underlying issue and the root cause of an issue. 

How Soon Should I Expect to See Results?

It depends on what the individual’s health issues are, how long they have been going on, and how committed they are to making changes. Some people experience positive results in just a few weeks, others may take longer, and require longer-term plans. Remember that natural treatments that focus on addressing the root cause of an issue will take a longer time to resolve than just treating symptoms.

How often do I see a Naturopath?

It is recommended that follow-up appointments be every 6-8 weeks until your health symptoms have resolved.

How Does Naturopathy Complement Conventional Medical Medicine?

Naturopathy complements conventional medical medicine because it treats the whole person, holistically. Conventional Medicine focuses on the physical aspect only. Naturopathy also looks for the root cause of issues and addresses more than the symptoms. Naturopaths often collaborate and work with medical doctors to provide the client with holistic care. They will support medical treatments while helping clients through food and lifestyle choices, nutritional supplementation, and natural therapies.

How do I Book My First Consultation?

To book a consultation with me, Click Here.

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