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How Do I Get Started with Essential Oils?

So, you are ready to try the essential oils I rave about? But you don’t know where to begin. I am here to help! I will make it as simple as I can.

First, make a list of the oils you know you want. Have your list handy? It’s a good idea to pop over to the site and see what kits are available that include your oils. Keep reading to find out why.

Second, there are a couple of ways to purchase oils: a la carte or in a kit?

With a la carte, you get only the oils you know you want. With kits, you get a collection of oils that will cover and many of your acute health issues physically as well as emotionally. I have never met a kit that didn’t include at least one oil I intended to purchase individually.

Third, once you’ve decided whether you want to purchase individually or in kits, you get to make another choice: retail or wholesale?

Most of my clients purchase oils at wholesale price. This price is the same as my price– 25% off retail. This is an exceptional option if you plan to purchase multiple oils. If you are just purchasing one, retail might be the way to go.

So, how do I get 25% off all oil purchases? doTerra offers an annual wholesale membership, much like a Costco or Sam’s Club. It is $35 for the first year and $25 every year after. AND they throw in a FREE peppermint oil when you renew. Most people recoup that $35 through discounts on their first order.

Even better, if you enroll by purchasing an essential oils kit, you automatically get the wholesale membership, and your fee is waived! Plus, you get additional savings over the 25% off retail pricing.

Are you ready to place your order?

To shop retail, click on here on Shop

To shop wholesale or purchase a kit click on here to Join and Save.

Please, if you need help and want personal assistance, Contact Me

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