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Intro to Essential Oils

What are essential oils, you might ask? Maybe you’ve heard about them on the news or in articles, or you’ve heard people talk about them.

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds. Volatile meaning they will easily evaporate, aromatic because they are fragrant and compounds because one essential oil can contain a few or possibly hundreds of chemical compounds. Yes, I’m just talking about one essential oil. That’s why they are so versatile!

Essential oils are made from plants, trees, roots, flowers, bark, stem; various parts of a plant. Essential oils are what protects a plant or tree from invaders, a.k.a. bugs, and even how the plant repairs itself when injured.

Essential oils are used to deter pests, repair the plant when attacked by bugs, pathogens and/or injury to the plant. The aroma can also invite or provide a barrier to a plant.

Nature is intelligent. And that’s why essential oils work so beautifully with your body. There are three ways to use essential oils: aromatically, topically and internally.

Aromatic Use

Aromatic use is by inhaling the aroma of the essential oils. This can be very powerful. By using essential oils aromatically you are stimulating the hypothalamus which has a powerful effect on your emotions. Using essential oils aromatically is helpful for uplifting mood, cleansing the air, promoting rest, and opening up airways to name just a few.

Topical Use

You can use essential oils topically by applying a very small amount to your skin. I always advise that you dilute essential oils when applying them topically. They are very powerful and you never know if you might be sensitive to them.

An added benefit is that your essential oil benefits will last longer when diluting them; meaning they will stay on your skin longer and you will receive the topical benefits for longer. Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds and quickly evaporate. They also are easily absorbed by the skin and quickly metabolized (within 20-30 minutes). Using less more often is how to use essential oils. If you dilute them or mix them with a carrier oil, you will extend the time of absorption, thus the benefits.

Diluting also makes them easier to spread over a larger area. Use your favorite vegetable oil such as an organic coconut oil or fractionated coconut oil. You can also use jojoba, olive oil or another favorite. I prefer coconut oil because it absorbs easily and does not leave a greasy residue.

Start with the smallest amount you may need. That may be only a drop or two or even less than that. It won’t hurt you to use more, but you will be wasting oil. Your body will only use so much at a time. Your body metabolizes them very quickly; usually within 20 or 30 minutes. The general rule with essential oils is less is more and the more often, the better.

Apply the essential oil topically to the area of concern. Maybe it’s sore achy muscles. Or you have some tension in your neck?

Internal Use

The third way to use essential oils is to use them internally. I only use my trusted brand of essential oils internally. Not all essential oils are created equally.

Do your research and make sure the essential oil you are using is made of pure essential oils. The brand I use has had nothing added or taken away. In fact, with my trusted brand  8 tests are done with each batch of essential oil. The testing is done internally and done by a third party to back-up findings. They make sure it’s not been adulterated and the only the essential oil is in there. They also verify that there are no pesticides, chemicals, or even weeds that may cause an issue for someone.

You can take them internally by ingesting a drop or two with some water, tea or your favorite juice. You can also use empty vegetable capsules that you put your essential oils into and take them internally that way.

There are many uses for essential oils ranging from pain management to mood management, to boosting your immune system, weight management, and overall wellness. I have replaced my medicine cabinet using essential oils!

Besides knowing you are using something natural for your family’s needs it’s wonderful to have everything you need at home without having to run to the doctor for everything!

It’s been a blessing for me when I have a sick child in the middle of the night I now can care for! And you may find that you have much better results than if you had gone to the doctor. Bonus!

Essential oils work with your body to maintain wellness. It’s a beautiful thing!

Please do your own research and make your own decisions. Doing this for my family, knowing I’m using natural medicine, and teaching this to my children, has been such a blessing. I hope it can be for you as well!

Ask me for a free sample, and decide for yourself!

Click here to go to my essential oils shop.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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